Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Livingroom is Alive. It's Alive! It's Alive!

yes, here I stand complete with goggles, black gloves, black trench coat and several of those boiling things in the back with smoke ....  muaaaah, muaaah

Okay ....  my Livingroom transformation through the years (and in some cases, the week)   It's Alive!  It's Aliiiiiiiive!

Today ...  May 2013


1992 ...  In the House for One Year

a little jazzing up the huge suede sofa my Mom gave me in 1993 or 1994  (the sofa is 2 years younger than the little guy below on the floor.  He's 29 now)

1996    Water damage in den drove everyone to the livingroom including my ugly den furniture (gave the large large sectional suede sofa back to Mom because my kids were killing it!  Purchased a small floral sofa with a few additional pieces for my Planned - Unused, Just for Decoration Livingroom ...  insert laugh!)

Well, after we repaired the Den, we had a "Aha Moment" and decided to make it our Masterbedroom ....  so I was in the market for new livingroom furniture because it would not be the a "Livingroom" ... Thanks to the IRS and several deductions, we had a good tax return....  bought a "Livingroom Group" ...  had No clue I was buying waaaay too much furniture for the space (sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, 2 end tables and a coffee table  oh, and a floor lamp)

Other side of Livingroom ....  after paying for and picking up my new "set" and loading the pieces in my then 1998 Ford Windstar, the kids poised for pictures around the room.  fyi:  the back wall in this shot was removed - late one night after watching Martha Stewart's biography ...  I had a "break thorugh" .. hahaha  circa 1999 or early 2000 to enlarge the feel of the Livingroom

I went straight ahead with the Livingroom (taking up the eat in Kitchen space and turning this into a diningroom)  Carpet was something from the 60's (orange and white) Removed it and put New Carpet for New Diningroom on the To do List (where it stayed for about 7 years) smh ...

Oooo, Oooo (in my Horshack voice) I forgot for a minute it was an Excercise Room
(hmmm, wonder why that didn't "work out" ..  Get it?  Work ... Out? 

Life is filled with Swift Transition:
in 2005, we moved Up to a large house.  My oldest son remained in this house.
Enjoyed the new house for 2 years.  I interviewed and got a promotion within my Company and shuffled off to Jacksonville, FL for a year  (2008).  Economy went crazy and they did some "re-arranging" and I was actually able to go back home to another Promotion. 

My daughter who remained because she was newly married loved it, because I had a new Grandbaby (the best Grandbaby in the world, mind you)  He visited me often in J'Ville.

My son who remained in the house loved it because he hated keeping up the house.  Hahahaha
the kid said No Thanks, I'll take a Duplex with a Landscaper, Alex

below:  Back home in 2009 ...  after the brief stint with the treadmill, I tried red (Royal Red by Behr) with a huge area rug and a diningroom set I brought back from J'Ville

Came back with a determination to Buy Carpet Finally for this Room!!  ;-)

Wallpapered the walls back in 1997 ....  yes, I know I went overboard with the border.  I shaved about 2 feet off of my half walls (opening to eat in kitchen) This pic was taken in 2009 (hence the flatscreen not available back in 1997) I purchased the burgundy carpet back in 2003.  I know I know and No, I don't know "What was I thinking?"  Waste of $700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I didn't even carpet the newly opened bedroom, check out the concrete floor next door at the bottom of the pic

My Mom had the sectional recovered (yes, that's the suede sofa from the 1990's ...  all recovered)  My Mom gifted it to my son when we moved out to the new house.  

When we came back, we only came back with a few items, so we basically lived on my son's furniture and a few pieces of our own.

My recent adventure had flooded me with "better ideas" of how to decorate the space. 
I was newly creative and dangerous!

There was lace on those doors.  When i came back, I thought ...  I put lace on these? 
yes I was shocked by use of wallpaper also, but I was trying to covering up imperfections in the wall from when we removed the paneling.

Another view of the room

Ok, I don't know what I was trying to accomplish with the curtains (fabric from Wal Mart) either, but it was attempt at privacy while I found the perfect pair of curtains ..... 

Seeing that boarder again is creeping me out ...  (chills)  It was soooo pretty to me at the time.  Sooo pretty.  

Here's a view from the kitchen during the Wallpaper (and black cabinet) Days...

in July of 2009 while sitting around, I said enough already with this wallpaper and got my youngest to help me remove it ... He jokes, he's the only 18 year old Jack of All Trades because of his Mom's impromptu Home Improvement. ;-) 

In the melody of Earth Wind & Fire's "After the Love is Gone" ...  "After the Wallpaper is Gone" what used to be right is wrong and the former color after removing the paneling is all we have have have ...  oooooh!

bought a new sofa in October 2009. My oldest son who was in the house when we moved back, had now moved out to his own apartment (he constantly said, Mom I don't want the house. I'm not interested in keeping the yards or maintaining a home ... dead shrubs to prove it!!!)  

He'd had the sectional for the past couple of years, so it went with him.  (it's only 2 years younger than him, but it's practically his Uncle - because it's my Mom's. 
she bought it when we kids moved out) 

Notice the "moving of the sofa?" ...  (I blame my Mom ...  I think I have a vitamin deficiency or maybe she let me play outside too much or maybe she shouldn't have worked when I was little, or maybe Dad should have made sure I did the same thing everyday ....  Ok, I'm back now)

a little rearrangement and bringing in bookshelves "from my childhood!!" (I begged my Mom for these)   I tried ...

My former and now once again "eat in Kitchen area" toward the French Doors was turned into an Office.  Yes, I have tried it ALL!!

a pic from the when the sectional was in the livingroom, but a pic showing the space from the desk
(sorry for the back and forth) thousands of pictures and a laptop and deskstop crash somewhere in between destroying my organized photos.  so now I have to hunt for them.  Ugggh!

Dizzy yet?

Weeeeelllll after the removal of the wallpaper and going back to the color I painted after removing the paneling, I had the door to my bedroom (formerly the den, formerly the back door to the carport) Sheetrocked over/

the china cabinet is where the door to my bedroom used to be and we left one opening to the right
I'm still searching for those pics.  I know they're somewhere!  click, click

Below the former Livingroom Closet will become a pantry (temporarily) ...  You'll see it finished Above with the apple green paint and bi fold doors.  When I removed it, my Momma wanted to choke me.  She's our Secret Weapon when it comes to DIY.  She's great with details. 

Another new sofa  (Feb 2010) and a new color:  Olympic Crocodile Tears  and a I can't believe I put this rug (woman with a leopard) in my livingroom rug

I also used a large frame to surround a frame to give the illusion of a larger picture.  

Golden Days
Too much of Jill Scott's "Living my Life like it's Golden, Golden" ... and you get this .... 
and I purchased it in "glossy" by absent mind mistake!!  Ugggh
around May 2010 ...  Ketchup/Mustard

Hallway door to the left ....  I had Sheetrock applied over that opening, due the dead space behind.  my fridge is now occupying that space.

See, notice the "DOORS" ... when I removed the wall to the bedroom, it was pointless to have so many openings in such a small space

Another look at the DOORS ...  and see the "Opening" to the left to the dining area ...  way too much openess for me  (the green recliner is now sporting a brown slipcover.  they were yet another gift from my Mom.  She thought I'd thrown away her gift ....  Slipcover ...... Goooood)

Glidden Olivewood ...  Enter the decision to Go with One Color December 27th 2010    Stopped by Home Depot.  browsed through paint samples and decided on .... Glidden's Olive Wood.  purchased a 5 gallon bucket and went to painting!  (came back later for about 3 additional gallons)

and lastly (I think) ...  I had a craving for a Wall .....  A wall between my eat in kitchen area and my livingroom.  We only have one bathroom  (for now ...  one day, one day) and when I travel from my bedroom to shower or what have you ... I feel like I'm crossing a stage because I open my windows Everyday.  I know, I know ... in a day and age when everyone is blowing out walls, I put one back and then some (they were only half walls before and in 2000 something I removed about 1 to 2 ft on both walls) 

Notice the walls behind my daughter (not the most flattering pic and she would kill me if she knew .. teehee) 

The white door now leads to my bedroom (the former den/carport) ... 
I walk across this area - constantly

Out the white door ... across the eat in area ... through the kitchen ... around the pantry

pass the fridge (now tucked in former "dead space" of the hall way ...  we've since sheetrocked over that door way to the right) and down the hall

hall to your left in this pic

New Wall!!  April 2011
Had my "Honey Do Handyman" (yes, that's the name of the Contractor's business ...  haha) to install my wall.  I wanted soooo bad to attempt it, but decided against it.

I took this opportunity to remove the Livingroom Closet/Now turned Pantry's intrusion into my Kitchen

New Wall!!! 

New Wall from Eat in Kitchen

and I installed a little bi-fold door in the previous Closet/Pantry opening

I even painted a accent wall - Sweet Tea by Glidden ... and recently decided I wanted to go Orange ...

View showing Roman Shades  Had to buy 2 Shades per window (52 x 80)

View into TV side of room (formerly my Daughter's bedroom, my Office and then I removed the wall connecting it to the livingroom and made into a Diningroom, Exercise Room, back to a Diningroom and Now ...  TV Room

Facing Former Hallway Door and Livingroom Closet.  Open is into former Livingroom Closet.  Mirror is where Hallway door used to be 

As I stated ... It's Alive!  It's Alive!  you've probably noticed changes outside of the wall color and furniture switching back and forth in the living area  (dining table nolonger in former bedroom/turned diningroom  ....  new dresser beneathe tv instead of the black table that's now white in the Kitchen's eat in area ...  recliners with brown slip covers ... they are originally some kind of green color.  another Mommy donation, Oh and the Kitchen Dining set is not a black iron set.  Gave the wood set to my daughter/her husband and my beautiful grands and lots of other little tweeaks as I read blogs and watch HGTV to get a better grip of what my style is and what I find that I like, too when I see it on others , etc., etc., )


March 2012 .....  
(Feb 2012)  Someone (ME) wanted to return to Plantation Blinds

View from Front door

Move a little to the left and look right into the Kitchen (or your view while sitting
 on the couch looking into the Kitchen

Looking Right into TV portion of room from Front Door. Yes, the TV is in the former closet  :)  (I hear R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" ...  ok, enough of that) 

Plantation Blinds (Feb 2012)  A couple of steps in and a look into the TV portion of the room. 

view from hallway looking at door ...  I removed the 2 chairs near the window  ...hmmm?


  1. Wow! that space has seen lots and lots of change, which is really nice! I am glad you tried things out, that makes working on your home fun and even when its not quite what you want, its a good feeling to know you are headed in the right direction.

  2. I loved seeing all your changes over the years and making your home work for your needs! All your changes get me excited about continuing to work on our home!!! :)

  3. WOW!! I didn't know it was all done. I thought you were just starting. Am I confused?!! lol Kiah

  4. haha Kiah, think of it as "Wardrobe Style through the Years" ... From the top is what you wore in 90's and as you scroll down I list various years and "situations" (water damage, adding wallpaper, removing wallpaper, changing colors) etc.

    Don't worry, it's easy to get lost with me. I keep a project going and sometimes I redo the same project! :)

    Today's color is the Olivewood (shade of Grey with the Orange accent wall)

    Thanks for stopping through