Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hallway - corridor. passageway to Dining and Living areas

Ok, now that I've shown off my Google skills ...  here's my Hallway Post 

My little 2 (or 3 year old) tearing down the hallway (1992 or 1993)

Below:  My De-Wallpapering efforts (2 layers ..  I put another layer ontop of the orginal layer in 1998) ..  This pic was take March 28, 2009 (so Thankful for orig dates on downloaded pic.  bad memory)  Next on the Wish List was New Carpet.  Lots of scoring and warm water application with a sponge and scraping.

Below:  the Little 2 (or 3) year old in 2009  (before more renovating)

Below:  After the de-wallpapering ...  I painted it a crisp beige something or nother that I picked up from the Oops Shelf at Lowes.  Next on the Wish List was 6 panel doors

Below:  got my doors!!  and re-painted with Glidden's Olive Wood
Oct 2010

*Added August 27, 2012*

BEFORE until I changed it to a Work Sink Area 

BEFORE a Real Stackable Washer/Dryer

ooh, a Real Before, Before


  1. Hi Jackie! You have made beautiful changes to your home! I love the new paint color, chair rail and door! Well done!!!

    1. Thank You. Sorry I'm just seeing your comment. blame my age and multi-tasking :)