Monday, October 10, 2011

House Tour

Posted Oct 2011 ....
My little Mid Century Ranch is such a gem to me.  I love the various DIY Blog sites.  Refreshing to see others appreciating what they have also.


Row of Mid Century Modern Homes on My Block :) 

When you enter


TV Room (fornerly a bedroom) to the right

Looking into hall from TV Room - to the right (to the left is the kitchen)

New Work Sink Area in Hallway

In front of Laundry area




  1. wow!! i love love love!! all this and she blogs too!! =)

  2. LOVE!
    Thank you for popping by and commenting! Sounds like me- I also love sitting in my front yard watching the world go by!
    Kerry at

  3. You have a beautiful home!

    ~ Mrs. Delightful