Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kitchen Tile and bead board in bedroom coming soon

I am soooo excited. I'm tiling my kitchen next week. Stocking up on tips, DIY sites and videos ... I'm aiming for a brick pattern. Trying not to just do a straight pattern, but if its the only way I won't make a mess of the process, straight it will be.

Going back and forth on tiling the countertop with granite. My hot water heater is stored under my cabinets. I don't think it's a good idea, so I'll scrape that plan.

Master bedroom will get bead board or wainscot ... Which is it? Along with a chair rail and base board. Can't wait to install that for the first time also.

I'm renting a tile saw and buying a Dremel power tool to help ease the projects along. I have a circular saw and a power drill. I want to go all Tim Allen and buy a Tool Shed and furnish it with enough tools to build a house, but that would be a tad excessive. .... Hahahaha

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