Saturday, November 26, 2011

Master bedroom

Update ...  June 2013

I was in the mood for the chocolate one day ....  Thinking of "experimenting" with Levels of White, next  ...  we'll see  :)

November 2011   Completed Masterbedroom Update ....  ik, not quite, but I'm closer

Below Published 11/26/2011

On Vacation for the rest of the Week ....  Yoohoo ...  DIY Ville, Baby

Finished the Bedroom ....  ok, not quite.  I have some trim to do and i have to paint the table that sitsbeneath the television holding all of the boxes (cable, cable storage, blue ray - beloved netflix!)

Trim work needed here ...  Reading everyone's blog has helped me tremendously.  I find the energy to FINISH when I read someone else's DIY Story.  I have long way to go, but I'm a long way from where i was ....

to Apprecia where I am .... here a few BEFORE Pics of the Master


Wallpaper madness in Early 2000 ... trying to camoflauge a bad sheetrock job (looks around ... who me?)


Again ... Today (or atleast Today, in the process)

Thanks for Stopping By and taking time our busy, busy, busy, busy schedule to check out the progress on my little match box  

While visiting Home Depot today to change out the new faucet hate the look of the brushed nickel)  ....  I went with the oiled bronze set.  Light fixture, faucet and towel bars. 
thinking,  "I'll just take a peek at crown moulding" .... I passed the waisncot we used in the bathroom.  Well, I knew I wanted to install it in the bedroom, but I wasn't planning on it until later this year (ok, what's left of the year)

side note:  My Master bedroom is a converted carport.  They're usually converted to Den's and it was for a couple of years until I started looking at homes with bedrooms on opposite ends of the house and I thought, Why not? ... 

Any who, one of the walls is a brick wall that I made an attempt to "soften" with sheetrock mud several years ago ...   (my exterior wall) ...  for the wainscot application, I used liguid nail and the weight of my barbells  (knew there was a use for those) to start my application.

more pics when I'm done .... 

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