Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pave Paradise and put up a Parking Lot

The Kitchen ....... Dec 2011

I'm doing this Post alittle like an iPod playlist ...  Random ......  Timeline:  1991 - 2011 ....  the Kitchen on the Main page of my Blog is current (the most current)

Below:  Removed the penisular and tried to hold on to the some of the old original cabinets ...  eventually replaced these, but I kept the original uppers above the stove and added on to them

My Retro visitors know the 1960's were all about helping the Mom with all of her chores, so they made space in the Kitchen for the Washer.  I thought putting a stackable here ...  nixed that.

First attempt at a new countertop and repainted cabinets in High Gloss Black. 
my new 30" stove was swallowed up by the old 42" Retro Stove's place
My Mom is keeping "Betsy" for me
I think I'm going to have it repainted later (the 42" Retro stove)

Here's Ole Betsy ....  she works Great!

My attempt at Open Shelving ....  so Not for Me ....

my new Glidden Olivewood  before lots and lots of tweaking

the old Livingroom Closet that's being turned into a Pantry and later removed all together because of the space it took from the Kitchen area

My New "Off the Shelf" Kitchen Cabinets
I had the glass in the windows replaced too ...  I couldn't see out of them and I have to SEE  :)

We removed the sliders and had the glass replaced ... pic below without sliders.  Sorry, but it was sooo cool having the big open space

Clear as a Bell ....

Old Fridge nook to the right ...  trying a little something putting the fridge in the old Washer Nook

1992 ... as if you can't tell  :) 

Finally located my pic of the drywalling of the eat in area wall ...  in was in my Kitchen Folder.  Duh
I thought I had pics of my Honey Do Handymen ...  they've been great.  they've since moved to Greenville, SC ....  me sad

When I was trying to save the lower cabinets after cutting off the penisular ...  it looked pretty rough at the cut off ...  my Mom using her "I can adjust anything skills" ...  she did good, but as usual, I ditched it later  Oops  ;)

2009 my flat black paint ....  yes, I didn't know NOT to use flat in a Kitchen
this pic taken when I retuned to the house in Jan 2009 ....  and the REVOLUTION BEGAN!!

in May 2011 ... with the Pantry removed and installation of the wall ...  there's one of my Honey Do men ..  that's Tim to the left ..  my son, Benjamin next and my son's friend in the blue shirt, and my other son Jordan out of view ... 

There's Jordan!  White Tee on the right below ... 

One of my earlie Reno's .....  with  the penisular, but top cabinets removed


  1. Wow you have done some work!!

  2. Thanks .... And I even leftmoutnlots of other Oops moments. Hahah