Sunday, June 17, 2012

Countertop Update - Newly Added Before Photos

Whew! .....  how many times can I update my kitchen?  My answer:  Until I'm Happy.  :)

I keep forgetting to get pictures of my little "Bob Vila Set-up" in the yard.  I have my 2  little plastic sawhorses (with 2 circular saw lines in them  (kanye shrug) and my collection of various saws (circular, dremel, miter, reciprocating) 2 tape measures, 6 pencils and pens (I keep losing track of them), goggles and  mask
All spread out in front of my storage building.  I even have a light for when it gets dark.

the men of the house "assist" and often complete their own projects for me, but I'm usually out there measuring and sawing away ....  Yep, they refuse to let me outdo them.  hahahaha
They like the Toys :)
they've even stopped complaining about my projects.

Back to the Re-Reno

Lots of little painting left to do (trim and wall)

2 of my babies.  They're 21 and 19 today BUT Forever my babies  :)  Their older brother and sister are also Forever My Babies.  They're 29 and 28.  Our Children ROCK!  They love each other and go out of their way to help keep one another on the right track.  My little Evangelists.  :)  

What's an AFTER without a little BEFORE ?

I looove having my laundry in  the Kitchen.  

I "tried" turning the dining area into an extension of my Livingroom ....  I've been trying for a loooong time to adjust this little box 

I've got to grout this little tiled area 

BEFORE (painted my knotty pine black)

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What a difference removing those top cabinets made .... and don't you love my old dishwasher, circa 1960, 70, 80  something?

View into Kitchen from Master bedroom BEFORE I installed the tile in the doorway 

The Process ..

Saturday ....
I "attempted" a glass tile backsplash ...  #Fail    (I had nightmares about this)  I chiseled this off Sunday afternoon!  decided to go with beadboard all around, except sink

Friday ....
Removal of Countertops for Granite Installation  (and former textured wallpaper backsplash)

close up of my hotwater heater (I live in a 1960's Ranch) common

Exxon and Amehr, my granite installers.  They're brothers.  Only 19 and 17

When I got home ....  aaah

Lastly ......
I removed my Real Wood Cabinets.  Don't do that, if you can help it.  I should have just got New Doors!