Sunday, June 3, 2012

Masterbath Update

Thursday, June 7th
Paintable Wallpaper from Target ..... Wainscot and fixtures from Home Depot ... Jacuzzi coming from Lowes June 18th ... rugs, mirror from Thrift Store and I can't remember  :)

I love the texture of the wallpaper ... and it covers my BAD sheetrock/mudding

The Reason I went with the Paintable Wallpaper ....

(bad sanding on drywall)

See the bad corner bead next to the window and you can probably see more "sins" if you enlarge the picture

Smoothed out my ceiling ..

I know I still have a little lump, but trust me is was "waaaaay worser!" as my little niece would say

Add a AC vent and Bath Fan/Light to the area ... May 26th 

My Momma  stopped by to help put the window in and eased this little project in on her.  :)

Window!!! ....  Let there Be Light

I'm convinced, there's Nothing my Mom can't do ...  

She's saying, Girl don't put me on that "www" ... all while Striking A Pose.  hahahaha

A Few more pics from "whence we started" ....

Excuse me while "Usher" cuts my doorway out (previously closed  on one of my other projects)  I do and re do alot!!    (to the right is the wires from the doorbell.  Remember, my bedroom is the former carport.  teehee ..  that's the original backdoor opening

After thought on the side of tile ...  I picked up the blue in the discount section at Lowes.  I have a box for the Around the tub.  I can't wait to lay them!!  they're beautiful

We started May 12th  ... when we cleaned out the closet and the Plumber came to bust up the concrete to install the lines ...  here we are June 7th (well, I'm typing at 12:51 am now ... so, June 8th) and we're Almost done.  I don't think I've ever worked so hard on a remodel and I've done several!

Bathrooms are serious ....  Plan, Plan, Plan ...  Have Fun, Have Fun, Have Fun
I'm Enjoying it now and I will definitely enjoy it once I have my tub

Interesting thing and I thought I'd mention ...  All I wanted was This!!
Hahahaha  a sink and a toilet.  but while the plumber was here, I asked "how much to add a tub?"

pic from mls listing in town

I am Over the Moon about finally having a Masterbath.  It's not large or grand, but it's mine and i love it!!!

Next is a Master closet in the bedroom and to Redo the Main Bathroom (wipes brow, smile and looks for sledge hammer!)

Insert Scream!!!


Wednesday, June 6thDecided to go with Wainscot and a different mirror (need to adjust the hanging gadget) ....  still working on this room

Attempted to do a "textture" to the walls (scrap sheetrock mud on it, but I've decided to go with paintable wallpaper, instead.  will be installing that tomorrow.

Sunday, June 3rd

You know how we do this ....  Gotta go through the BEFORE's first
Forgive me, but I have Lots of Pi-chures ...  and we're Not Done, yet  (my longest project Ever!!) 

Here's another Sneak Peak and Quick Look Back

Old Kodak photo (instead of Scanning it (duh!), I took a picture of it with my phone.  Sorry for the Amateur Moment, folks.   ....  to the right is the former "Storage Room"  Remember my house is a Ranch.  the area behind my son with the "Mom, Stop!" smile is the former carport turned Den (and now turned Masterbedroom)  and storage area (later turned Master Closet and Now Masterbath on bedroom side and Laundry area on Kitchen side)

The Area behind my son's head NOW ...  Laundry Room coming along  Old doorway to Masterbedroom (formerly backdoor to carport has been Reopened)  and the Otherside of the Laundry room is not the Masterbathroom

2009 picture.  I still marvel at the temporary green carpet that stayed down for 10 years ...

June 3, 2012 ...  I nolonger have to walk halfway down the house  (it's a small house, not it's not a long walk, but hey ..  Convenience!!

My Jacuzzi won't be in until June 18th ...  Oh well, lots of details to take care of until then 
Paint the bottom of that doorway with the wall color 
Paint bathroom trim white 
Finish cleaning dust from every room 
Walk around and "fix" old paint messiness  (anyone else have "drip lines" from ceiling cutting in?) I've been walking around and looking up ... and I see "drip lines" ...  look like the wall is crying
Lots of Caulking to do 
Lots of tweaks here and there 

and then ... my granite countertops are NEXT!
Local Kitchen designer, D&D Kitchens blew me away with an Everyday Great Deal.  I went to the Big Box Guy and left depressed

Soon as I get more time ...  I'm going to Combine all Updates and make One Big Masterbath and Laundry room Post  

Thanks for checking in