Friday, May 10, 2013

Replaced Glass in Bathroom window

 I didn't DIY it ....  I'm sure someone out there knows how, but here's my "solution" to the need to buy windows, but Not at this Time  ...  just replace the glass

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Cloudy Bathroom window.  Where do I begin? .... I have those double pane windows that are Past their Prime.  You've seen them .. maybe nolonger through them, but you've seen them  haha.  GOT A QUOTE FOR $2,500 to replace my 18 windows. ... I respectfully declined - at this time. 
Instead, I'm replacing the glass inside.  No longer double, just one pane of glass and it will probably cost me about $500 for the ones I want to replace. The bathroom was $65.  Kitchen was done in 2011.  Livingroom will be done SOON. 
Removed it (was easy, I'm told)  delivered it to Glass guy at to 8am .. picked it up at 1pm.  By 2p Life was normal again.  We used plastic in the meantime. Plastic from a previous paint project, so it was cloudy like the window. 
I had forgotten what it was like to have light in the main bathroom. 
I painted the windows previously because it was just that bad, so I've got to clean up previous sins and scrape away some of the paint and re paint with new color. :) 

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