Saturday, June 8, 2013

Roof Day .... Finally ... June 8th 2013


a little more tweaking to do .... but the Biggie is DONE.  *wipes-brow*

My Roof pics from Attic that I also showed the Roofers

Check out that Old School Insulation ...  niiiice, huh?  No!  :)
I had insulation blown in Friday, June 14th ...  kinda "chilly" up in this Peace now  :) 

If you live in a Ranch from the 60's and you have hallow core doors ...  yes, that's the "wood type" that was used on my roof.  I'm told "they didn't really check back then" niiiiice
It was a One Owner Home since 1961.  We purchased it in 1991 ...  the shingles were new, but they didn't change out the decking and according to the Inspection, it was fine at the time. 
Well ...  20 years later and hence, the reason my roof had to be lifted Off 
Totally Spongy.  My Roof Inspectors were actually telling me "I'm kinda scared to walk on it.  Do you have leaks?" 
Didn't phase me until I saw them "roll it back like paper" (see pics above)

My To Do List


  1. Congratulations on your new roof, Jackie! It's a little scary when you were told that your old roof tore like paper. But it means that this is a great time to have it replaced. Your roofers did a great job in accomplishing the task within the day, and I'm pleased to hear that you are happy with the result.


    1. Thank you and yes, I am very happy with the results

  2. It is great to hear and see how the house has transformed, Jackie! However, only if you don't mind, what made you change the roof color? No, it definitely didn't make it less of a beauty. A black roof is actually nice and has its own perks, especially with keeping a clean look. ;)

    1. I changed it so I wouldn't be limited in the future with new color choices. Although I changed it before the roof job and stayed within the same shade ...., I didnt want to be locked in if I got a whim (I get those often - haha) Thanks for the compliment.