Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bricks in the Trunk ...

Mom came through AGAIN ...
Read all about Mom the Hoarder here

A Quick Before I had one more layer (Above and Below)

After!!!  Looks like I need one more row to the left
Another After Shot below
I'm going to install the walking path later this week .... I started getting a "trail"


 Finally a Close Up!  the Lily's have bloomed but I think I'll get another
one out of them

I don't know the name of this, but I love it!!
The Elephant Ears are tempermental ...  they come up Every Other Year

My Lovely Gerber Daisy

I signed up for a Master Gardner Class with the local County Extension Office.  I can't wait!!
The Class starts in September.  I may actually learn how to do more than just Keep them Alive!