Monday, July 15, 2013

Busy Body (me) and Mom, the Hoarder

My Blogs name is Keeping Busy and my initials ....  I keep busy because I'm Constantly Doing Something ... and Sometimes, Re doing Something

Hey, it's what I do.  Sometimes I'm working through a problem and I need to "work with hands to think" ....  and Sometimes, I'm JUST a Busy Body!  :)

and now for the second part of that Title:  Gotta visit my Mom (the Hoarder) this week and negotiate 50 Bricks to improve the look of my Oak Tree  flower  bed.  I love the Dry Stack Brick look. 

Of course every time I need something (which is at least once a quarter), she reminds me, if she wasn't a hoarder, I would be out hundreds of dollars (exaggeration).  Not to mention the times I've thrown out items that she Kept (drove down my alley (I think my kids are her Look Out) and put them on the back of her truck) and I've needed them BACK for another project.  Funny, but she's still a Hoarder. 

Enough Momma bashing (love her and her hoarding ways dearly) 

She's building a Storage Building with "Hoarding Scraps" to hold her Hoarding Loot. 
That's my Niece's car ...  Mom refused to let them to send it to the Junk Yard.  She's going to "fix it"
And Yes, she can. 

 Hey I just noticed she has a Pallet.  I think I need one of those.   hahaha

Yes, that's her on the Roof

Back to my Post

The Bricks ... I'm thinking about painting them .....  I'm thinking about painting every other brick ....  I'm thinking about re stacking them in a tighter formation ....  I'm thinking

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View from the Alley back in 2011

What it looks like Today ... looking up from the Alley

 View across the yard a couple of weeks ago.  I gotta get more close ups of the Flowers

Back in 2010

Back when I started ...  you may have noticed, I decreased the size

Another previous view from 2010

View a couple of weeks ago ... the ladders are damaged, so I'm using them for decoration.  I'm thinking about painting them ...  Yep,  I'm thinking