Monday, July 8, 2013

My Patio .... Re-Pattied




Removing my old sin ...  :)

 Working into the Night in June to Re Patty the Patio

We removed the old Patio Cover (while Painting the House ...  that Post is To Come).  I had a thought to paint the Panels, but decided to just remove them.  Earned $38 at the Recycle Center ...  $100  for Paint and a few plant pots minus the $38 = $62 for the Patio Makeover

Removing Panels ....  amazing how it Never occurs to me to get a Close up. 
too busy working 
the Panels removed and my new umbrella.  Wal-Mart .. only $98 for the one with the Solar Lights
I'm thinking about a Privacy Panel here ...  I come out here every weekend I'm home to surf the net and read ...  Reading "Murder in a Good Neighborhood" on Kindle (via my Samsung Notebook)

Shot from other side
Shot from my Bedroom ...  we grab breakfast on the weekend out here.  It's lovely

What it used to look like "out there" back in 2009
and check out those "Sliding Patio Doors" that could and would "break a nail!"

View from the Road

Another shot, just because ... I repurposed the old concrete and bricks to border my flower bed




Ok, Onnnnne laaaast picture 


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