Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now, let me see you 1, 2 Step (in my Ciara voice)

A couple of months ago, I noticed I was starting to get "bald spots" due to high traffic. 

I purchased the steps weeks ago, and finally made the decision to "Get On That"

and it was "hot enough to fry fish grease, but I was in the shade" ....  still hot but not As Hot.
You know we always think it will less time than we could possibly imagine.  9 steps took me about an hour and a half (not including breaks to watch Rawhide and venturing off to clip limbs and re adjust flowers)  :)

to help myself to not over dig, because I've done this before ... 
I used an unused knife to trace my step

After some "strategic digging and adjusting of dirt when it "Wobbled"
I installed my Step and "Brushed" for Neatness .....
I felt like an Umpire


And my little path of steps is done!! 
(wipes sweat and lots of it from brow!)




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