Monday, January 28, 2019

Home Office Space

From a space dedicated to "taking care of the business of being an Adult" to maybe "Working from Home" .....  it seems we're all carving out Home Office space.

I've had a corner of the room/Dining Table setup and more over the years.  With our current Empty Nest situation, I have my pick of bedrooms, but I chose the one closest to the Front Door and even added a door to make it easier to step out and sign for packages. It seems when Family members find out you're home, you become their Post Office (kids, cousins, etc).  And some wanted me to call them and tell them when their package arrived.  Say what?  hahaha.  No, check your tracking info and come get it.

Back to my Home Office setup and arrangement (and re-re-re-re arrangement)

My current state:

My house is 1,300 sf (took all I had NOT to type ONLY). I have a treadmill and I chose to keep it in my Office ... I need it to stare back at me on a daily basis.

A little something with the cords/chargers, etc

Tip:  watch an animal documentary while walking

View into my Living room 

I'm in my daughter's former bedroom .... I briefly claimed it as an Office back in 2001 ... and then after watching the whole HGTV "enlarge your space craze" .... I knocked down the wall connecting it to the Living room and attempted an Open and Airy feel .... With that out of my system, I'm back to using it as a Home Office now. 

Surely, I used 100w bulbs. yikes!

2001 and Blue walls 

Oh well, the journey continues .... use what you have and make it what you need and fall in love with you have.

Peace and Blessings until the next post.

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