Sunday, February 10, 2019

Closet in the Home Office - Done

Home Office Closet Finally DONE!! "All Things Worked Together for MY Good." Me after all this. 😂 I had planned to purchase 2 upper cabinets, but I glanced at the upper cabinets over my fridge,  checked the contents and found .... they were basically empty. 

I completed (ha!) my Kitchen reno back in 2012 and I didn't remember the uppers were different sizes. The one over the fridge was 36" and the one to the left was 30' ...  So I had to buy a 30" from Lowes. ... wellllllll, Lowes no longer sell the 30x15 .. only the 30x12 or 30x18. BUT it worked perfectly for purse shelf .. imagine that. Another item off the ole To Do List. 

My Closet measurements:
60" wide 
93" high
27" deep (w/o doors)
24" deep (w doors) 

Supplies purchased from Lowe's and Dollar General 
Not an exact breakdown because I had white paint, brushes and a sand block on hand 

Boards: 3- Common 1 in x 16 in x 6ft ... had them cut down to 5 ft - $15.48 ea
Unfinished Stock Cabinet: 1- 30 in x12 x 12 in in $50.40  
1 x 2 Furring Strips, Wall Paint, Drywall compound 3 @ 5/60 ea 

Dollar General:
Storage Boxes - 4 Sets of 2 for $8 16qt (16 3/4L x 11 7/8W x 7"H)
2 - 10 Gal (20 1/2L x 14 1/2W x13 3/8 H) $10 ea 

Installation equipment:
Power drill and driver
2" wood screws
Level (a MUST)
Pencil or Sharpie (my husband always grabs my sharpie)
Paint and paintbrush 

In and around $275 Total

I measured and marked (after painting) where I wanted my shelves and the cabinets

I can't begin to tell you how much more creative and inspiring my Home Office feels knowing I have a tidy space behind that door. 

A few before pics: 

We/I removed the wall back in 1999 ... the room was formerly my daughter's bedroom. Removed wall to increase the size of the Living room.  Hmmm, jury is still out if that accomplish my goal. In my mind, the house still felt compartmentalized. Oh well, I had my Mom to help me put the wall back (my family was in the process of moving back to the house. We've been gone for about 4 years). 



Previous view of Closet and room currently now being used as Home Office




I'm telling you, I CAN feel the vibes from my new clean/organized space. Crazy, even with a door in front of it can be felt.  I love this.

I still have a little more work to do with corraling the plugs, but 10x's better. 10x's.