Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Living Room Flooring - Peel N Stick Tile

Went over my options (budget and health) and went with Peel N Stick tile for the Living Room. Allergies no longer want to live with wall to wall carpet and the budget will not accommodate ... well, I'm semi-retired and "Ballin on a Budget" sooooo, peel n stick it was.

I shopped on a Friday. Started around 2pm with the installation. Stopped around 10 pm (did not work constantly). Started up again Saturday morning and finished around 2pm with a few remaining touch-ups to complete. 14 x 13 room. So, only 182 sf, but lot's of "uneven" angles and slightly uneven distance to the wall. 

I plan to make my way through the rest of the house by Summer's end. 3 Bedrooms, Hallway, and the Kitchen. I have the "floating" laminate flooring in the Kitchen. The Budget Buy from 2013 is making noise now, so I'll just return to peel n stick (ok and there were some DIY errors. eeks!!)

Before with a zillion rugs. I hate Recliner. There, I said it. moving along.

Lots of cutting, lots of "Is there an even distance of space in this house?!!"

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