Sunday, March 31, 2019

updated - OMGoodness! - I said No Shoes in the House!!!

What I said (before) and as I rolled the carpet back in the hallway.  I'm slowing removing the carpet and replacing it with peel and stick tile.

We've been away for 4 years and my housesitters did not adhere to my No Shoes in the House Policy. OMG. My floors looked like the floor of an Outside Dog's House (Back when we kept dogs outside and had an asphalt roof house built for them). I knew the carpet looked bad, but when I rolled it back today ......  This is after 2 Professional Cleanings.

I've had multiple sinus infections upon returning .... I see why now. Oh well, Onward and Upward.

Here a few pics now of the Before and After. I'm in the middle of Mop N Glo applications. Getting a nice shiny wax on the new flooring.

A strip of dirty carpet from the hallway. A weight has been lifted. 

Office Doorway to Hall. I will replace the Office and Hallway tiles for a cleaner transition. Psst., look at that dirt!!!


KITCHEN BEFORE. Laminate Wood with Hallway transition to carpet.
Kitchen AFTER to Peel and Stick Tile and No More Carpet Transition!!! 
AFTER View into Livingroom. Waxing the Floors today

AFTER View from Livingroom into Kitchen. New Flooring 

AFTER VIEW into Home Office from Livingroom 

02/12/2010 Carpet Installation Day. Red Room is now my Office. Installers are in the Hallway.

02/12/2010 pic #2. View from what's now the Office but without the wall that's there now. 

My contribution to Spring Cleaning :) 

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